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KANGA™ Felt Pet Cat House and Tunnel Toy

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Color – pink

A comfortable and relaxing retreat to relieve anxiety and stress and improve sleep and mood.

Cats are natural predators with an instinctive need to chase, hide and play . Traditional cat beds are unpleasant, cats don't like them and don't use them because they don't support the cat's true nature . The long-term effects of not having an adequate outlet can lead to frustration and destructive behavior .

Your cat's dream hiding place

We have created the world's first indestructible multi-purpose cat tunnel, which is sure to satisfy your cat's interest without taking up too much space in your home. Provides your cat with an interesting way to play, hide, sleep and chase throughout the day.

Experience the joys of a more active and happy pet, while providing a fun and comfortable bed.

Why choose this cat tunnel?

✓ Improves sleep quality - This comfortable donut is designed to offer comfort and security. Its insulating walls ensure that your cat sleeps peacefully!

✓ Perfect for group play - Thanks to its large size, it can be used for up to 4 cats at a time. No cat is left out, unlike other cat beds that can only be used one at a time.

✓ Super fun toy - It is a very fun place for your cats to play and chase each other. They can practice their hunting skills while staying busy!

✓ Scratch Resistant - The cat tunnel is made of selected felt material that is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and will not pill from the cat's daily scratches and rubs. An indoor cat cave, which can be used in all seasons.

Try it 100% risk-free!

Unlike most pet brands, ProofPet offers hassle-free returns on our tunnels if you're not completely satisfied. We are confident that our cat tunnels are the most versatile, fun and comfortable ever made. If your cats aren't thrilled, we'll refund your money, no questions asked!

    KANGA™ Felt Pet Cat House and Tunnel Toy
    KANGA™ Felt Pet Cat House and Tunnel Toy
    KANGA™ Felt Pet Cat House and Tunnel Toy
    KANGA™ Felt Pet Cat House and Tunnel Toy
    KANGA™ Felt Pet Cat House and Tunnel Toy